Profonds Regrets

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Profonds Regrets Miami Premiere Profonds Regrets Miami Premiere Jacques Pierre Louis
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Profonds Regrets Plot Summary

It’s the story of Dario (Mora Jr. Etienne) who came to Miami to find the love of his life Winodia (Fabienne Colas). Winodia had to face hardship when she was kicked out of her house by her Mother who didn’t approve of her relationships. In her...

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Fabienne Colas ... Winodia
Nice Simon ... Lia
Mora Junior Etienne ... Dario
Ronald Azor ...
Clerdine Augustin ...
Lise Tassy ... Carmen
Nerlin St Fleur ... Paul
Jeff Belizaire ... Hudson
Isaac Antoine ...
Kettia E. Dorcelian ...
Ronsard St Cyr ... Tchouko
Joyce F. Joseph ...