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Cousines - Plot Summary

Jessica (Jessica Geneus) is a young Haitian girl. She lives a quiet life in Port-au-Prince with her father's friends Margareth (Catherine Hubert) and Gasner (Raynald Dimanche).

Everything changes when her father who is in the US dies. She's soon homeless and she must go to her friend's Johanne. Johanne (Soledad E. Jean) is a girl without resources who to survive must deal with her too many lovers.

Will Jessica be able to resist the temptation? Will she resist the sincere love of the young Bobby (Jerry L. Rocher), the sex appeal of the dangerous Ralph (Jimmy Jean-Louis) or the sexual appetite of the millionaire F�lix ("Pyram" Roland Dorfeuille)?" Cousines" is a movie with heart and soul made by the new generation of Haitian filmmakers.

It's about the hard reality of being young in a troubled country.

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