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Perdus - Plot Summary

Teens lost on their way to Jacmel. They accepted hospitality in the home of a strange man, who was a butcher selling both cow and human flesh.

Long Synopsys:

On their way to a night party in the city of Jacmel, Eveline along with her friends are ready for the ultimate bash.

Along the way, Chantale, Eveline's best friend, told her that there's been a change in plan, that they're instead going to a 3-day festival held yearly in the city of "Cayes".

In the middle of nowhere, their car breaks down. Finding hospitality in someone's home in that town, they spent the night there, waiting for a local mechanic.

From there, they've seen some dark sides of evil, and some of the misteries deeply rooted in the Haitian "voudou" legend.

What is movie about:

A new Haitian movie that is in many ways unique. A movie that goes to some degree deep into some of our legends about zombification, and phenomenon such as selling human flesh as cow meats.

Haunted by a mysterious man with a machetee, six young adults found themselves trapped and lost in a forest, from which only a divine intervention could save them.

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