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Café Au Lait Bien Sucré

Café Au Lait Bien Sucré - Plot Summary

Café Au Lait Bien Sucré is an interracial romantic comedy in which Alain (Pasha Brandt), a White Haitian, falls head over heels for Minoushka (Milca Volny), a beautiful and gorgeous Black Haitian girl.

The moment this romance begins to blossom, everyone turns against it for their own personal reason, even Alain's best friend, Paul (Nikkimix), himself a Black Haitian.

Things take a turn for the worse when Minoushka's dad, Armand, a 'noirist' at heart, played by world famous Haitian musician Dadou Pasquet, puts an end to the relationship.

As he says to his wife Beatrice: 'M'pwal chase kochon blan'an' (I'm gonna chase away that white hog).

Will Alain and Minoushka's love triumph?

Don't miss CAFÉ AU LAIT, the BEST and MOST PROFESSIONAL Haitian film ever made. Truly, A REVOLUTION!

In Creole with English Subtitles.

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