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La Trace

La Trace - Plot Summary

Richard Beauvais (Detective Rich) is a serious detective working in collaboration with the SWAT TEAM.

Their mission: To provide peace where gangs took over the city where kidnapping, and rape is rampant.

After a meeting, the mayor delegate the power and authority to the Chief of the Police to clean those gangs in less than month.

Rich, as a detective, is involved in all the bad boys' activities. Inspector Getty who lives with the big boss gangster Carlo Andre has been used for drug deals and other and other criminal activities.

Getty Rich

Getty falls in love with detective Rich and explains where is the trace comes from. Jean Carle Andre (papi carle) the big boss and the police executive thinks that money buys everything in this world.

Young wolf a SWAT member after receiving a Mercedes from (Papi Carle) for his birthday becomes Papi Carle's employee (Dirty SWAT).

Zoeboi (Haitian American) working together with Fanfwa are the two boys of Papi carle.

The Bad boy team always knows all the police transaction Captain and Detective Rich want to know who is leakin the information to the criminals.

Fat B the snitch decides to rat on the swat agent.

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