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Yon Sel Nwit

Yon Sel Nwit - Plot Summary

Max is an eligible bachelor who leaves in New York. Max does not work, he leaves off an old woman that take care of him the full length.

Max is a smooth talker, he know the way to smooth himself to a woman's head.

Max life is going to take a twist when he met a beautiful woman. That woman shows him how life can be great when you have someone that you truly love by your side.

When love is on the air, anything can happen. Max decided to change his life around, when he found love.

Richard, the other womanizer from the crowd. He believes women are good to perform two things, lay in their back and cook food.

Richard thinks that God put him in this world two have fun and he should.

Richard will never change his way because he loves what women have under their skirt.

Richard pressures his friends alot; he constantly brags that "a condom take away the pleasure" he used them at every sexual encounter.

Richard talks the talk but he walks a different path. Richard believes that one time with a woman is enough.

John, the mature of the three boys. He believes in one woman for a man. He thinks that having many women just change Gods plan.

John is a celibate that is waiting for the right women; he feels that sex is beautiful things that should be with love and respect, and most of all with responsibility.

His life is going to change when he met a beautiful woman. With that woman, he is going to have an adventure, but this adventure will leave him a gift that he will never forget.

The film elaborates the importance of using a condom for each sexual encounter. In the film, we show pressure, and even putting a condom is not guarantee that you will have protected sex. The best thing is to practice abstinence, or one partner.

YON SEL NWIT tells the truth about what can happen when someone is engaged on an unprotected sexual encounter.

YON SEL NWIT is not only a story about sexual encounters or what can happen; it is also a love story full of drama, love, passion, suspenses, adventure, and mystery.

YON SEL NWIT is about 6 friends that met by faith, love tighten them together but drama brought them down to an extinct were one of them loses his life.

YON SEL NWIT shows the responsibility that one need to do when it comes to sexual encounters. The consequences when you are irresponsible.

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