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Choc Terrible

Choc Terrible - Plot Summary

"Choc Terrible" is a Fiction-Drama that tells the story of two young people Martin (Mora Junior Etienne) and Nirva (Tetchena Bellange) who are bonded by a common desire to finish their professional studies in order to face today's challenges, the reallity of life and reach their objective.

Martin and Nirva work hard to fulfill their dream while enjoying life at the same time.

But, a terrible mistake they have made in the past is haunting them through a series of strange and regretful events that occur every day.

Despite his knowledge about spirituality and bizarre phenomenon, Papo (Ricardo Lefèvre), a mystic figure is trying, by any means necessary, to save Martin, his nephew, who became the main target of the bizarre forces, so powerful, that came from far to punish Martin and Nirva and those who refuse to obey the most important law of nature: the respect of the human race.

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