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Oasis - Plot Summary

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference," a prayer that can be echoed on the lips of Amelie, played by Corine Alexandre who finds herself in a love triangle with two of her childhood friends, Fabrice, portrayed by Jeff Policard and Sebastien depicted by Paulson Azemar. As "OASIS" unravels, secrets are brought to light, obsessions surface and betrayal arises.

Directed by Richard Senecal, best known for his work as the Director of "I Love You Anne" and "Barikad," OASIS tells the story of two best friends who are trapped by the admiration and fixation of one woman, Amelie Duval. Torn between this pair of lovers this Psychologist finds herself supporting her live-in boyfriend Fabrice Point-Du-Jour whom she loves, yet when evening draws near her taboo thoughts of his best friend, Sebastien Montelier come to light in her dreams.

The plot thickens as one night Amelie's fantasy becomes reality, tiptoeing out of the hotel room she takes a final glance at Sebastien's deep dark eyes and runs back into the waiting arms of Fabrice.

Nicholas Labissiere, played by the ever so popular Joseph Zenny, Jr., who made his film debut in "I Love You Anne" and is the lead singer of Kreyol La, is another fleeting character who fights his adulterous demons in the hopes of being faithful to his wife despite his uprooted desire for Soraya Casimir. As an attorney defending Norelia who finds herself in a very sensitive court case, Mr. Labissiere finds himself confiding in his father figure, Tonton Nord to help guide him.

The agony of deceit in "OASIS" will transport you into a fantasy world filled with intrigue, mystery and betrayal while wrapping your thoughts into a web of obsession in many different genres.

With a prolific list of new comers like Jeff Policard, the lead singer of the up and coming group Fahrenheit, along side several known seasoned actors, including Reginald Lubin, Oasis touches a sea of taboo subjects including infidelity, child abuse, and promiscuity which the characters embrace with a talented display of playfulness and seriousness.

Be it Norelia, who was violated as a child by her father, Amelie whose child's paternity is still unknown, Sebastien who has suddenly opened the door to his most intimate desires, or Nicholas and Bridgitte's battle through marital counseling, the story line boils, while the plot continues to thicken with every passing moment.

Defined as a refuge, retreat, haven, resting place and even an island - the word OASIS is well construed in this film and serves as a plateau for Nicholas, Fabrice, Sebastien, Brigitte, Norelia and of course Amelie, to find their common denominator within each other.

A sense of euphoria, fevor, and rhapsody, will enchant your senses, revive your passion and uplift your craving for a taste of life's forbidden fruit. Oasis will become your own private hideaway as the lights dim in the theater and you find yourself entranced by the very first scene.

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