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Life Outside of Pearl

Life Outside of Pearl - Plot Summary

The feature film "Life Outside of Pearl" is about a lower-middle class Haitian-American family assimilating into a new culture, while maintaining their ethnic identity.

The family patriarch presents a proud exterior earning a living as a taxi cab driver trying to keep his adulterous affair, a secret. His wife is aware of his indiscretions but chooses to deny her own needs to keep her home and family intact.

Jean, the couple's teenage son is smart, but naively decides to postpone college to pursue dreams of opening a computer shop in the neighborhood. Jean uses illegal means to raise capital for the shop, conflict occurs, and he gets involved over his head with less than savory friends.

Jean's sister finds love with her new boyfriend only to have her romantic fairy tale life shattered by catching her father with another woman. Marco, the handsome family cousin is a local police officer trying to balance his life on the street with family involvement.

Each family member's personal issues intersect and climax when they learn that Jean has been shot by his cousin while breaking the law. Secrets are exposed, changes must be made and the family unit is ultimately strengthened by facing its weaknesses.

With an all star cast- Jimmy Jean Louis, Rudolphe Moise, Carole Demesmin, Freddie Robinson, Natacha Noel and Anthony Stevenson- this drama/action/comedy film is a sure crowd pleaser!!

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