Cargo - Plot Summary

An exiled American with a gambling addiction in Nassau takes a job smuggling Haitians to Florida in a desperate ploy to support his family.


Kevin is a white Bahamian fisherman, whose life is slowly unraveling. After wasting his remaining funds at a gambling house he is approached by a security guard Mark who suggests that Kevin supplements his income by using his vessel as a means to transport people illegally into the United States.

Kevin at first, dismisses this as a viable option but when pressures mount for him to perform financially he accepts the offer.

After Kevin successfully transports a group of immigrants to a nearby island he is able to briefly alleviate his problems, but soon the need for more funds consume Kevin and he must take a longer and riskier journey.

Kevin then leads scores of other migrants on a final journey that is treacherous, unsettling and one that will sadly result in only one of our characters walking away with their life.

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