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Wind Of Desire - Full cast and crew | Haiti Movie Database | BelFim

Wind Of Desire

Full Cast and Crew for Wind Of Desire
Directed by:

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, Wilkenson Bruna
Writing Credits
Wilkenson Bruna   (Screenwriter)
Wilkenson Bruna   (Senario / Story)
Cast (in Credits order)
Rudolph Moise ... Richard Lazard
Stefanie Henriquez ... Nadine Laplante
Bernadette Chitolie ... Florence Casimir
Genji Jacques ... Gary Jn-Pierre
Shirlee Lee ... Shirley
Metsuka Nicolas ... Julie
Kaliah Eubanks ... Ginnette
Hans Toussaint ...
Danielle Cayo ... Madame Gerrard
Carline N. Mourra ... Claudia
Leilah Behrmann ... Girl at the bar
Marie Estime Thompson ... The Judge
Ginette Philippeaux ... The Maid
Executive Producer
Assistant Director
Makeup Artist
Original Screenplay
Associate Producer