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Johnny Fleurinord Biography

Johnny Fleurinord is sometimes credited as Tonton Nord, Tonton Nord Vouppoupe, Ti Fefe

Johnny Fleurinord a.k.a. Tonton Nord was born in Jean Rabel, Haiti.

When I was young growing up in Lacoma, Jean Rabel, I remember how I used to imitate everyone and everything.

My mother loved it so much she paid me to entertain her, but my father didn't like the idea.

At the age of eleven I moved to the city. While in primary school, my teacher loved my imitating skills so one day dared me to act in front of the class. So I got up and nervously started imitating the principal, because I was able to make my eyes cross just like his.

It made everyone laugh. From that day on at talents shows, banquets, even during lunch time they would ask me to perform.

So because I loved to make people laugh I decided that I was going to be a comedian.

I shared my dreams with my father and he got very upset and said "only crazy people make people laugh ".

Now I loved my father dearly, but I could let that get in the way of my dreams. At the age of fifteen I put a group together called "four black men", we traveled throughout be city performing, but at the age of sixteen I left the group to come to the United States.

In February 2000 I was listening to a local radio station called "promo 2000". It was talent Tuesday.

I called the radio station and begun speaking like an old man, actually it was my grandfather I was portraying.

I told a lot of jokes before I hung up the phone. The radio station got a lot of feedback about the "old man" and wanted him to come back on the radio, so the director of the station offered me some free air-time on Tuesdays.

That's when TonTon Nord's journey started.

At the station, one day, I received a call from a man by the name of Orville Dieni in reference to joining a group called PENGWENNS PRODUCTION.

We did our first show on January 4, 2002 and shot a video titled " kon-w pran-w ko nen". While in that group others groups such as DEJA-VU PRODUCTION (jamaics) asked me to feature in their show, which was my first English show.

While I was with them I performed in a lot of local churches and also in the Bahamas.

After my term was over with PENGWENNS, my friends and I decided to build our own company and we decided to call it 2 x 4 THEATRE PRODUCTIONS.

On January 3, 2004 we launched our first show called "BABY GIRL TAKE YOUR TIME ". On the show I played three characters: Ton Ton Nord, Ti Fe Fe and Johnny.

During the period of time we've released a comedy C.D called "FOLIE LANMOU" which sold over 3,000 copies in the first month.

I would like to thank God for his wonderful grace and mercy, because without it none of this would be possible, and I would also like to thank my parents, my family, my friends and also my fans for all of their love and support.

Love you all, Johnny Fleurinord ( TonTon Nord, Ti FeFe ).

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