Aliette Richard

Aliette Richard Biography

Aliette Richard was born in Haiti. She came the the United States at the tender age of four.

Aliette Richard always had a passion for acting and modeling since she was a child. In 2007 she spotted a casting call online for the Haitian movie "Hard Times" and she went for it.

She send her information in and she was contacted by filmmaker Leonard Maxime Francois the next day.

"I missed the original casting," says Aliette, "but they insisted in meeting me to see what I had to offer before making a final decision."

"I auditioned at a Boston Market and we knew I had to be 'Johanne.' I didn't even know how well I did until everyone started complimenting me after the movie premiere."

Aliette Richard wants to continue acting because she loves it. She is very hopeful that she will make it to the big screen one day.

"My dream," she says, "is to be the next Haitian Cover girl, and I really want to participate in one of Tyler Perry's project, even if I have to be an extra..."

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