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Marie Michelle Desrosiers was Born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in 1964. She started dancing Classic, Jazz, and Folklore at age of 6 with Lavinia Williams group in 1970.

After Lavinia left Haiti, Marie Michelle Desrosiers continued dancing with Vivianne Gauthier, where she had a chance to perform with Patrick Lacroix many times until 1979.

Lynn W. Rouzier trained her students for performances in Canada; Marie Michelle Desrosiers was especially invited to be part of that crew.

Marie Michelle Desrosiers also attended Academy School Dance with Serge Bazin and his wife Eileen, and also performed with Kettely Durand for a while before she decided to study Performing Arts at a French Institute (Institut Francais), where she had the privilege to have Hervé Dennis, Gerard Résil, Franck Etienne, Yves Médard (AKA Rassoul Labuchin), Michel Soucard, and Frederick Marcelin as teachers .

Marie Michelle Desrosiers moved on to Theatre de Verdure to continue her studies in Drama, Comic, Tragic and improvisational Theatre under direction of Jean Coulange. From there, Marie Michelle Desrosiers was not only studying theater where she performed with Ricardo Lefevre, Ansyto Felix, and so on, but also continued studying the professional folkloric dance and from her teacher Jean Coulage she learned the history of dance.

As her coach Marie Michelle Desrosiers had: Madame Wilner, Madame Roch, and Brignole.

In 1983, Marie Michelle Desrosiers signed a contract with Television Nationale to play in a Marathon TV show titled "Meli-Melo De Dubreus, where she played the role "Valencia" along with the unforgettable famous comedian Sandy Clairsaint (AKA Dubreus), directed and produced by Philippe Pressoir. She started to become a well-known artist in Haiti.

In Late 1985, Marie Michelle Desrosiers signed a contract with Yves Médard (AKA Rassoul Labuchin) to play the role of "LA FILLE QUI REVE" in "Mariaj Lenglensou film"

In Late 1986, Marie Michelle Desrosiers signed another contract with ZAFRA PRODUCTION to play "Michèle Bennett," Directed by Wilson Jn-Michel (AKA Jack), who played later on in the TV Marathon with Raymonde Jn-Francois (AKA Emily) directed by Sidney Louis (AKA Pè Toma) - Along With Raynald Dimanche

In 1987, Marie Michelle Desrosiers signed a contract with RAMAGE Musical Compa Group for Lead singer vocal

In 1988, Marie Michelle Desrosiers signed a contract with JESIFRA PRODUCTION, where she stayed for 14 years, and performed in diversity roles such as: " Beliz" in Viv Jesifra Kandida - Henriet in Kraze Lanfè - " Aline" in Lanmou Pa Gen Barye 1 & 2 - " Ti Mamoune" in Abitan Demisyone - " Madam Jesifra" in L'ange de L'amour Trompé - " Madame Grenamò" in Bourik La Bouke 1 & 2 - " Foreign Soldier" Meriken Pa Gen Barye - " Garot Girlfriend" in Le Louverturien Révolté - " Solena" in Jesifra & Sifrael En Conflit 1 & 2 - " Madeleine" in Tèt Kaderik Kont Nèg Dafrik - " Diaspora Wife" in Tròp Chenn Gate Revey, and all other performances that the company played from 1988 - 2002

In 1990, Marie Michelle Desrosiers signed a contract with the musical group Boukan Ginen and played the role, "Guede Nimbo" IN THEIR FISRT VIDEO "PALE -PALEW(AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE)

During that period, Marie Michelle Desrosiers had A chance to sing with the musical Group "Perfection" where she used to rehears with Richard and Joel Widmaier, and Claude Allien the owner of the group.

In 1993, Marie Michelle Desrosiers signed a contract with FOULA Group for background singer with Ti Do, Chico, and Jn-Raymond (AKA Ramon)

In 1995, Marie Michelle Desrosiers dropped all those activities except Jesifra Theater Group to pursue her primary dream to be a Lawyer. She studied Law for four years at Faculté De Droits et Des Sciences Economiques ( FDSE) to acquire a Bachelor Law-Degree, since then Marie Michelle Desrosiers became a Practitioner in Law at Me. Léger Law Firm

In 2000, Marie Michelle Desrosiers became an active member of the Intellectual Association of Port-au-Prince engraved the Logo (CASALE), (Société des Amies de la Culture et d'assistance legale), directed By the Famous Deceased Wilfrid Léger.

In 2002, Marie Michelle Desrosiers left Haiti to live in the USA with her family.

From 2002-2004, Marie Michelle Desrosiers graduated in Real Estate Appraisal at Stratford University

From 2004-2006, Marie Michelle Desrosiers graduated in Criminal Justice at Montgomery County Community College

In 2007, Marie Michelle Desrosiers decided to accomplish another dream that she cherished since her young age to become a Screenplay Writer. Marie Michelle Desrosiers took classes via Internet MOVIE IN a MONTH/FINAL DRAFT, with dedication and persistency, and professionalism; she's been written many SCREENPLAYS based on true stories, such as: Miss West Indies - All about Him - Greedy Family Case - Affaire Leger Murder Case - Affaire de la Ruelle Vaillant, Homicide Case - Infanticide, Homicide Case. And others fictional/family/adventure/and love story scripts, such as My Mother is Mermaid - The Smart Robber Ever - Save My Daughter! - Runaway, and some others Supposes and plots that are ready to be developed soon.

In 2008, Marie Michelle Desrosiers participated in "Take A Meeting Seminar in New York, directed by the FINAL DRAFT COMPANY where after her pitches presentation, she was grateful to PRODUCER Antonio SAILLANT for his interest in two of her screenplays: "THE MISS WEST INDIES" AND "ALL ABOUT HIM". Scripts are recently under his supervision to be played soon in theater.

At the end of 2008, Marie Michelle Desrosiers signed a contract with an American Movie Company "INDIE Film Production" to play the "MYSTERIOUS WOMAN" in "THE LAST DAYS Film.

Marie Michelle Desrosiers is now working on "THE MISS WEST INDIES Book that will be published soon.

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