Renel Delsoin

Renel Delsoin Biography

Renel Delsoin is Haiti's Most renown butler "Azibe" in the classic Haitian sitcom "Languichate Au 20eme Siecle".

From Guy J. Elie: Renel Delsoin was a professor of french litterature. He played Languichate's "restavek"(houseboy).

I liked that you dignified him with the title of butler.He had great talent and better than his contemporaries, who were all stage actors, he understood the power of the camera.

He had subtlety and nuance in his performance and never received the credit he truly deserved for his skills.

Like most haitian artists of his time he was adored by the public, but lived in virtual poverty, because of the meager financial support provided by the business sector.

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