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Laura Lafrance was born in 1989 from Ilric Lafrance, singer, writer and musician and Nicole Dannel, nurse, former dancer and singer. Laura has 2 sisters, Sandy dannel and Junie lafrance, and 2 brothers, Ludrick Lafrance, and Enric Lafrance. She was raised in Haiti by her single mother and moved to America when she was 16 years old. Laura was a well known individual back in her school. She has gone from dancing, to theater and singing. Everyone knew her once she got on stage. She also participated in sports, such as volley ball but did not per-sue it professionally. Her coaches loved her and appreciated her enthusiasm and always encouraged her to follow through with sports, but her callings were strongly guiding her toward them; singing, dancing and acting.
When Laura moved to America to live with her father, Ilric in 2006, she went to Miami Norland Senior High school and graduated at the home of the vikings in 2008 with a GPA of 3.41. She mastered a total of four languages, 2 of which she's naturally born learning; creole and french. The other 2 were taught back in Haiti At CMDM (College Marie Dominique Mazzarello) by Mr. Phanord and Mr.Benito. Both teachers believed in her abilities and intelligence.
After her graduation, she went to nursing school. Her step mother, Lauraine L. colin attended the same school and from there on met Suzette Morisseau. Suzette has always been talking about making a movie. And since she was a good friend of laura's step mother, she invited her without any casting to play the role of a nurse in the movie. And the step mom came up with the idea of including Laura in the movie, because a scene was missing something... Her two minute participation was creative, well played, without any editing and replay! She did an outstanding job! But, this not the end for Laura Lafrance, She hope some days to be in hollywood. there is a start for everything!

Laura was always singing, weather she knew the words of the songs or not! She loved the Spice Girls, Back Street Boys, Tony Braxton, Branby, Monica, Celine Dion, Fabienne colas, some of the most popular international stars. When she moved to America, she got introduced to rock music By a fellow classmate in technical school, Jairus Viado, and fell in love with it. Laura has so may side of her! From her natural root, compas, too contemporary rock music... You can always expect the unexpected with her!

Laura Lafrance has a lot in store for her future, one can expect to see her on Television any time soon if not sooner. She is planning on attending the Art Institute for fashion designing and we are waiting, for the next Haitian fashion Guru!

L'innatendu (2008)

Moise devant la mer rouge by Espoir du Monde (2008)
La creation By Espoir du Monde(2009)
Lvld (2010)

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