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Herold Israel Biography

Born in 1971, Herold Israel also known as Herold Pradieu-Israel is a columnist and a former TV icon from Haiti.

Herold Israel obtained his bachelor in Law Studies and International Relations in Haiti and has recieved trainings on television campaign and govermental informations in 1998 at the Goverment Information Office ( GIO) in Taipei, Republic of China.

Herold Israel served as the first National Spokesman and Chief of Staff for the US-trained Haitian Police Forces from 1995 to 1997.

Herold Israel held the post of Press Secretary at the Senate of the Republic of Haiti and Senior Advisor to the General Manager of the Haitian State National Television (TNH/Television National D'Haiti) until 2001.

From 2001 to 2004, Herold Israel was the Executive Secretary of the Haitian Consulate in Miami.

In 2004, Herold Israel discovered his passion for cinema and decided to hold on everything to embark in a new career path:


He has since written, produced and directed three popular features in the growing Haitian film industry (Dolores, Player 1/2 and Xtreme Blue).

In 2006, Herold Israel moved to Los Angeles to complete a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios.

Herold Israel is currently enrolled at the Colorado Technical University to complete his MBA with a concentration in Finances.

Herold Israel lives currently in Miami where he's working as a movie Director for Kulturmax, Inc.

Herold Israel has been Director of Photography for corporate videos, infomercials, documentaries, music videos and of course movies.

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