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Transforming the Hip-Hop scene with his mix of the Creole language and popular Hip-Hop club mixes, Mecca aka Grimo has become a household name.

Mecca aka Grimo has been publicized as the phenomenon of The Creole Hip-Hop movement, with cuts like "Ayisien"," Boat People", "Deporte", and most recently "Lean Back" better known in the Creole language as "Kage'", Mecca aka Grimo is dominating the Creole Hip-Hop stage.

His name has traveled in various circles in the Hip-Hop community as well as the Haitian community. He's been on the entertainment scene serving as a catalyst for artists throughout the world who vision the success in this industry.

Mecca aka Grimo established ground in 1995 as part of a Hip-Hop album titled "Yes-N- Deed", (Society / Luke Records) which allowed him to tour and gain some experience on the road. He earned a degree in Acoustical Engineering and has applied his studies towards projects that surround him including his own work.

Mecca aka Grimo's love for music in combination with his love for his heritage has helped him transform his art into a vehicle of hope and pride in the Haitian community. The young Haitian generation embrace his mastery of lyrics and the way he finesses American club beats. The older generation embrace his drive to educate through music.

Mecca aka Grimo is also a Spoken Word Artist / Poet. In the recent celebrations of Haiti's Bicentennial, Mecca aka Grimo drafted several poems in Creole about the struggle and history of his people. He has incorporated these poems in his shows to revive the pride and love that has been so smeared by the recent political unrest.

This past summer (2005) Mecca aka Grimo traveled to Haiti with The Miami Film Group to do a movie called "Kidnappings". The movie is about some of the recent kidnappings happening in Haiti today.

The mission of the movie is to shed light on some of the unfortunate situations back home. Look out for the official sound track and video from Mecca aka Grimo called "KIDNAPPINGS" to hit the market about the same time the movie hits the theatres late November 2005.

Also in the works is a non-profit non-political movement called "FE POU LI" which provides food, clothing and educational supplies to different facilities in Haiti. "FE POU LI" does this through drives and donations while using the Entertainment Industry as a platform.

Mecca aka Grimo was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., raised in Queens, N.Y.and now resides in Miami, Fl. He continues to travel across the world performing in Creole,French and English. He has been touring to various cities promoting a Mix CD, "Kreyol Konneksyon", which features some of the cuts he has done thus far.

The CD is mostly renditions of popular hit songs in Creole and English. It features other artist who are also in efforts to establish "The Creole Hip-Hop Movement".

Earlier this year he released a video for his second single "Kage" the Creole remix of Fat Joe's "Lean Back". This cut has definitely hit the scene with a hot buzz on the streets. His follow up single "Yau"ll Need To Know" is soon to be released in Europe, the Caribbean and the United States in early 2006.

Mecca aka Grimo's emanate success is here , this artist is making a name for himself and representing his culture. For additional information check the official website at or the movies web address, org.

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