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Stefanie Henriquez Biography

Stefanie Henriquez, who plays Nadine Laplante, the fiancée of Richard Lazard, was destined for stardom since birth. Born in New York, Henriquez's life has been a world wind tour.

At the tender age of eleven, she was sent to boarding schools in Switzerland, where she got to live life and experience things that most can only dream of. This is where she was introduced to some of her favorite things in life; like horseback riding, skiing, hiking and most of all, Swiss chocolate. Later Henriquez lived and completed high school in the South of France, where she was introduced to the Cannes Film Festival and where she first began to dream matinee dreams.

Being overseas, Henriquez traveled most of Europe, Morocco, Greece and Crete where she had the opportunity to visit exotic locales, learn about different cultures and meet all kinds of people. She also learned to speak French, Spanish and Italian.

At age 17, Henriquez moved to Paris for two years to pursue a modeling career as well as her education. After experiencing a devastating apartment fire where she lost everything, Henriquez decided to return to the United States and settled in New York. After a short stay, she relocated to Florida. In addition to modeling, Henriquez began to pursue her academic goals, although show business continued to be a burning passion.

In the spring of 2001, Haitian American movie director Wilkenson Bruna discovered Henriquez and gave her the opportunity to audition for a speaking role in the feature independent film Wind of Desire, the first Haitian-American film to air on the big screen in the United States.

The success of the film has lead to many other opportunities in television and film.

Henriquez recently signed with an agent/manager and has landed her first national commercial campaign for a hair and beauty product. Henriquez has shown an incredible passion for the entertainment industry and is poised to make tremendous strides in her career in 2003.

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