Rene M. Romain

Rene M. Romain Biography

Rene Meril Romain (Romano Le Petit Gonaivien) was born in Gonaives, Haiti, I came to the United States at the age of 20 in 1999. Rene went to Miami Edison Senior High School to finish High School and graduated in June 2001.

A few months after graduation, right after the September 11th (9/11) attack, Rene M. Romain decided to join the US Army and serve the country.

He joined the US Armed Forces in Miami then he went to Fort-Benning, GA for Infantry basic Training. A few months later Rene went to his assigned Unit, C.CO, at Fort-Hood, TX.

From March 2004 to March 2005, Rene M. Romain got deployed to Iraq (OIF2), Operation Iraqi Freedom. He fought in Najaf, Sadr' City, and Fallujah.

In November 2004, while in Fallujah, I made headlines on one of the most reading newspaper in Fort-Hood, TX (Cav Country).

In 2006 that's when Rene started acting in Haitian movies.

His first appearance was on "Refije Sou La Lwa" as an FBI Agent, in 2007 he played the role of Met Kafou on "Matlot", in "La Trace (2007) he played as SWAT Team Member, and in 2008 Rene played the role of Daniel on "Xtreme Blue".

Besides being in an US Army soldier and an actor in many Haitian movies, Rene's passion is broadcasting.

In his home town of Gonaives Haiti, everyone there knows him as a Radio Station Owner, "Radio Xplosion FM".

Rene M. Romain has been a Radio host on different Radio Station in South Florida: Radio Arc-en-Ciel, Radio Zenith FM, Radio Puissance FM, Radio Ambiance, Radio Bamboche Creole, and Radio Zenith Plus.

Rene M. Romain has an ultimate dream: in his own words, "My dream is to have a TV station in my hometown of Gonaives, and continue to play Haitian movies."

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