Kaymar B Compas

Kaymar B Compas Biography

Kaymar B. Compas is an actress, movie producer, and director

About Kaymar B. Compas was born in Haiti and raised in Panama. She is of a mixed Haitian and Panamanian heritage.

Kaymar B. Compas started dancing at a very early age while attending La Escuela Villa Catalina in Don Bosco, Pedregal, Panama.

Kaymar B. Compas also represented Haiti in Panama in 1996; she won the title of best dancer and she was crowned "Miss Ernesto T. Lefevre" (named after Ernesto Tisdal Lefevre, Ex-President of Panama). Later Kaymar traveled to island country of Dominica to represent her school. In Dominica, she won the trophy for best dancer

Kaymar B. Compas jumpstarted her career as an actor in Panama on stage and on TV:

In the Show El Amor De Mariana her stage name was Anita, in El Toro she played the role of Jesica, in Angelina she played the role of Angelica

Kaymar B. Compas is not new in the Haitian music and movie Industry, already, she has been in at least four Haitian movies and produced two albums, one in creole (Timoun Abondone) and one in spanish (La Vida)

She is the actor and producer of Haitian movie Blofe and she is an actor in movies like Remo #2, Solution Lanmou, and Laura #2.

Beside her passion acting, singing, writing, and dancing, Kaymar B. Compas is a nurse and she is currently in college aiming for her Masters degree. She is fluent in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Haitian Creole, and partuar, a form oc Creole spoken in Dominica, Guadeloupe, St Martin, and Antigua

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