Stanley Boco

Stanley Boco Biography

Stanley Boco was born in Brooklyn New York and was raised in Port-au-Prince Haiti where he attended St Louis de Gonzague and pursued his secondary at St Louis De Delmas.

Stanley Boco is an American born with a Haitian and Dominican background.

Stanley Boco is also a Marine. He served in the United States Marine Corp for 4 years, 2 years active duty and 2 years as a reserve.

"I am also an independant Actor" says Stanley, "and looking forward to servicing you and bringing joy to your life. Feel free to leave me your contact # as well as your email address and I'll definitely reply to all Emails."

Stanley Boco well known in the community as Dr Luv, he is a radio host in Brooklyn New york on 89.3FM or every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm.

Stanley Boco play a gay Role as Geraldine. Stanley Boco has played in several movies such as Papam Jalou, Divorce And Concequence, Remo 2, Diaspora San Dola #2 And Obsession, a movie by Valerio St Louis.

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