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Patrick Dorsainvil, Graphic Artist, Videographer, Web Designer
Desktop Publisher, Graphic Arts & Printing Technology Studies
Brooklyn, New York

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on June 16, Patrick Dorsainvil has been a reserved, quiet, humble, and gifted individual. As a young boy growing up in Port-Au-Prince with his family, Patrick discovered his creative abilities very early on. At school, he was known for handing in beautiful artworks, creative science projects, which would include models and figurines that would amaze his classmates and teachers. In 1979, he participated in a drawing contest for community projects in Port-au-Prince where he won the second prize. In 1982, he published a horror fiction comic strips book with the help of two classmates while attending his secondary school in Port-au-Prince. In 1983, he was hired for his talents and creativity at "Le Nouvelliste," a popular daily newspaper based in Port-au-Prince where he developed his graphic arts skills. In 1989, he produced his own educational TV show on his free time for youngsters on a private TV station in Port-au-Prince. In 1992, he received a certificate in Advertising Design via EDUCATEL, a correspondence school in France. Extending his creativity to art design, photography, filmmaking and video was only natural, and Patrick quickly found his niche in creating videos showing Haiti's beauty as it has never been seen before.

Like many other Haitians, his appreciation for his homeland did not start until after he moved to the U.S in 1993. From here he pursued his education in Desktop Publishing at Baruch College, in Graphic Arts for Printing and Advertising Technology at New York City Technical College. Thereafter, he mastered his skills in Web Designs through a Brooklyn College online course. In the meantime, he perfected his craft in video production by constantly watching a lot of documentaries on PBS and the History Channel. He would analyze the editing style, the tone of the voice-over, and the camera angles, to create his own unique documentary style. Those observations, along with his talent, has allowed him to present Haiti in a way that should make all Haitians proud and many others longing to learn and appreciate the Haitian culture. In 1993, he released his first documentary in French showing Haiti's historical and beautiful landscapes. The positive feedbacks he received from his fans and friends allowed him to keep up the good work from 1994 to 2005 when he released a professional DVD version of his work "Haiti's Hidden Treasures I", which has gained and caught ever since a lot of people admiration and attention.

From time to time, Patrick participates in various cultural activities and fairs in as well as out of New York for his love of the Haitian Culture. In 2005, he was awarded in New York City at City Hall by a group of Haitian-based Organization for embracing and continuously supporting the Haitian culture. In October 2008, he launched the Grande Premiere of "Haiti's Hidden Treasures II" in New York, and in 2009 in Boston.

Despite his busy schedule, Patrick Dorsainvil managed nevertheless to promote and share the Haitian culture on his website, and has been working full-time for more than nine years in the digital printing industry in New York where he lives.

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