Mikerlenda St-Jean

Mikerlenda St-Jean Biography

Mikerlenda St-Jean was born in Cost-de-fer Haiti on March 24, 1987.

Mikerlenda St-Jean plays the role of Nika, in Player 1/2. Mikerlenda's interests are modeling and Acting.

Mikerlenda St-Jean started at the age of fifteen locally in the State of Virginia. When she turned eighteen she saw things in a different level and wanted to be more than a local model.

Thus, Mikerlenda St-Jean got an agent and started going to school for modeling and acting and now she is well known in her state.

Mikerlenda St-Jean is working her way up, because those two industries are not easy to get into.

"Modeling and acting have been an interested of mine for a long time but I never really worked them", said Mikerlenda.

"One day in class I performed a love story in front of my agent, I realize how good I was, she was left breathless, overwhelmed and crying because she knows I had what it takes to go to the top. In my mind I thought modeling was my niche."

Mikerlenda St-Jean signs with Cameo Models Internationale, Inc. in 2005 and has been introduced to Kulturmax by Joel Dalzon.

She met with director/producer Herold Israel in May 2006 and asked to be in his second movie Playe 1/2.

Mikerlenda is beautiful, talented and has a lot to offer. She is one of the hottest young Model/Actress trying to stand in both the Haitian and the American industry.

Third child of four siblings, Mikerlenda St-Jean is the daughter of Natacha and Yves Pongnon from Cote-de-Fer in the Southern Haiti.

She came to the U.S. at the age of eleven going on twelve and still in love with Haiti.

In spite of going to school here, she never traded her Haitian identity and education and she kept them to the upmost respect.

Mikerlenda St-Jean is now nineteen going on twenty, a college student in the area of Criminal Justice.

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