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Tonton Bicha Biography

Born Daniel Fils-Aime, July 7, 1973 in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

Stage Name: "TonTon Bisha " [pronounced Beesha] "

Tonton Bicha is the Son of Cilimhne Joseph and Alcinord Fils-Aimi.

In an Interview with HaitiXchange, he was asked:

"Where does the name "Bicha " come from?

His answer: "It was in 1979, right after the movies, my mother asked me to give her a re-cap, since it was a Karate flick, I kept on saying "Bicha, bicha, bicha! " From that day on, that 's what she called me. "

Little did she know, her son Daniel would become a Haitian Superstar and his nickname "Bisha! " would stick and eventually become a landmark in Haiti 's walk of Fame.

Singer, comedian, publicist and actor, Bicha is definitely making his mark in Haitian show business.

But why would a young man find his success by protraying a old 71 year old man?

His answer to HaitiXchange: "The young are always supposed to hold the elderly in high regards. Convinced that this was true, I launched my career [ as a 71 year old man ] and it has ended up making me successful. "

Toton bisha claims that he was born a comic nut his talent tallent grew in 1979 when he join the Jeunes Patriotes Capois [Young Capois Patriots] company.

TonTon Bisha and Daniel fisl-Aimi are two completely direfent characters. while the man is very shy, the actor is out of this world.

"There are no real similarities to talk of. I 'm a young man who is 30 years old, shy, simple, and very mild-mannered. While Tonton Bicha is a complicated ,71 year old old man, who is ridiculous, has a bad temperament, is a little paradoxical and gets completely carried away whenever he sees a skirt. Our only common trait is jealousy.

But, I get the impression that Tonton Bicha gets a lot more jealous than Daniel Fils-Aimi. "

Need to know more about TonTon Bisha?

He is a part-time member of the music group Brother 's Posse.

He lends a helping hand to other groups such as Djakou Mizik, Boukman Eksperyans, K-Dans, etc. He is also one of the reasons for the great success of first album of "HaitiTwoubadou "

He came up with the title for the film "I Love You Anne " which is playing in Haitian movie theatres.

He is second to the youngest in a family of 4 kids .

He is the father of Yanel Fils Aimi, his young son. He 's s done commercials for Clairin Lakay, SogeXpress, Western Union, etc

He has appeared in Haitian feature films such as "La Peur D 'aimer " and "Millionnaire par Erreur ". He always wears tattered clothes on the set.

He is managed by the Agence Image Marketing S.A [Image Marketing Agency.]

He has experienced a huge success for his version of the twoubadou song "4 Kanpe " [4 Standing Up]
This profile was edited by Woodring Saint Preux.
Original interview conducted and written by:
Reginald Antoine, Staff Writer for HaitiXchange

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