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RE: The Making Of "Desole" Movie Poster
Nice movie boyz! Love it. 2thumbs up. Just choose 1language to speak. That's all

RE: Haitian Movie Producers Fighting In Court Over Movie Rights
Hi my name Daniel..first of foremost I'd like to thank the work that you're doing in our can I make an appointment with u.

RE: bouzen la saline RE: Bouzen La Saline
Bouzen la saline

RE: Bob Lemoine is Dead - Bob Lemoine Mouri wi... RE: Bob Lemoine Is Dead - Bob Lemoine Mouri Wi...
Bob Lemoine? Bon bagay...Grand nég! Gros moune! Bon Moune! Neg Jacmel...Natif, Natal....Vive la République....Condoléances à...

RE: Rencontre Du Destin - Trailer 1
jaime cette film