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Your a Fake papa Pye

It's funny how u haitian people are trying to be someone your not I'm Papa pye's... more »


Mr.or Mrs. Jean i didn't mean to hurt anyone with my opinion, if you feel that i have... more »

Burst it man!

Hey it is now full time that white man learn to consider black man as equal. Go a head... more »

RE: Mecca aka Grimo

I am delighted to finally see someone who steps up to the plate and tries to educate our... more »

RE: Division New Haitian Movie Coming Soon

SE PA VRE -- We heard that the Producer doesn't have the money to pay the director so he... more »

RE: Jean Alix Holmand

hi Alix, j'adore bcp tes films j'essiae de te ocmptert parmi mes amis sur facebook jpeux... more »

RE: Was Pluie D'espoir Ever Released On DVD?

Thank you Jean Alexis. Yes I do know that The Bahamas is all the islands, Nassau... more »

I just want to know that you have fans out there!!

Hi Monique, I dont have a comment nor criticism, only God can judge us!!I just want you... more »

min neg moin yan leo sa kap faite

min neg moin tap checher ya! moin conin blanc pa paler creole, entou ka, ce creole moin... more »

RE: Eliassaint Maxime Exposed!

Salut, Comment tu vas Maxime c -est bien moi artine jean baptiste du film Liason... more »

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RE: Bos Macel Saurel Charles meet Haiti Culture Minister Dithny Joan Raton The guy ok to me we need to support him for the good...
The guy ok to me we need to support him for the good thing he did.

RE: bouzen la saline Bouzen la saline
Bouzen la saline

Le meilleur réalisateur haïtien.. félicitation...
Le meilleur réalisateur haïtien.. félicitation man.. you're the best

RE: Jimmy Jean-Louis: Bordering Excessive - Bad Experience in the Dominican Republic Where can i find this dvd?
Where can i find this dvd?

RE: Chris Rock is a Haitian Hero in Understand not. Understand!!!!!!! Oh dear.
Understand not. Understand!!!!!!! Oh dear.