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I am delighted to finally see someone who steps up to the plate and tries to educate our... » »
Sthal, 12/28/07 3:43 PM

SE PA VRE -- We heard that the Producer doesn't have the money to pay the director so he... » »
Icee, 11/19/07 4:58 PM

hi Alix, j'adore bcp tes films j'essiae de te ocmptert parmi mes amis sur facebook jpeux... » »
Sasoue, 03/18/11 10:33 AM

Thank you Jean Alexis. Yes I do know that The Bahamas is all the islands, Nassau... » »
Jacques Roc, 04/25/09 10:41 AM

Hi Monique, I dont have a comment nor criticism, only God can judge us!!I just want you... » »
Jeannette Jean, 04/27/06 1:57 PM

min neg moin tap checher ya! moin conin blanc pa paler creole, entou ka, ce creole moin... » »
William, 05/25/08 10:14 PM

Salut, Comment tu vas Maxime c -est bien moi artine jean baptiste du film Liason... » »
Martine, 03/01/08 11:09 PM

Hello mate Great job i know that all of movies has been great hits. it will be very sad... » »
Maxime. Papillon, 03/18/07 12:44 PM

je presente mes sincere condoleance a la famille Mondesir je n'ai jamais connue... » »
Municci, 12/29/05 6:14 PM

Tutu, 01/18/07 7:58 PM

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