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Frantz St. Louis will appear in repeat episodes of Law and Order (Nov 13 at 7pm TNT and... » »
, 11/09/07 3:24 PM

Congratulation to jimmy Jean Louis all the best keep up the good work. I am so proud of... » »
Marie Michelle Belot, 03/08/11 7:15 AM

I am not Haitian but I am very proud of Jimmy Jean-Louis; his work is exceptional. I... » »
Jeff, 04/09/07 7:09 PM

I've seen alot of people searching for more info on Frantz Saint Louis Visit... » »
Lucille, 08/27/10 11:16 AM

i wanna tell all my haitian star please don't let these people discourage you guys from... » »
Florence Nicolas, 10/20/08 5:25 AM

Jimmy Jean Louis is so BEAUTIFUL!!! He is a very talented actor and will be a complete... » »
Tiffany M, 06/22/08 6:43 PM

Jimmy Jean-Louis, God is coming back in less than three years. It is time to turn to the... » »
Albert Moussa, 03/06/09 10:00 AM

Hey Everyone, I just found a website on actor Frantz Saint Louis. Go to beautifilms.com... » »
Samantha, 10/22/09 7:15 PM

Is Jimmy Jean-Louis willing to read scripts of unknown screenwriters? Please respond... » »
Violetta Joseph, 06/04/06 7:42 PM

Pat Andrews, 08/11/12 12:41 PM

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i would like to speak 2 u princess,my is 5613051658

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mwen konen l tres bien merci pou bonne nouvelle la

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