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Haitian filmmakers, put your movie on NETFLIX along with others in the foreign films section

The best solutions, but by no means exhaustive, are to put the movies on demands on the... more »

Bravo Jean Gardy Bien Aime!!!

Mes chers enfants se inbesil ki bay se sotte ki pa pran. Moin daccord avec Jean Gardy... more »

Too many fishes

I do not understand a thing you saying, but females do lie a lot, like we do, the answer... more »

im gonna buy it 2day

there's been a lot of talk about this movie for 3 months. now im gonna buy it today i... more »

elle n'est pas morte elle someille

De meme que le soleil est immortel, il se couche et se releve, il en est de meme pour... more »

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