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Vant bef!)I heard that they went to Orlando recently and stay...

(Vant bef!)I heard that they went to Orlando recently and stay at the same Hotel after... more »

Nadine Boucard of the Movie Se Lavi got married!

Here is the link to see the video report just reported... more »

want to meet you one day

hey i am jean (aka tizanmi) i am haitian living in new york, i am a friend of peterson... more »

new way to call haiti free

i am haitian, i have just discouvered one way to call haiti free, my goal is to do my... more »

nou belle nou sanble de zanj

hey, i am jean, and i would like to tell ya, ya look so much beautiful, i am also... more »

mwen dakò

monchè tiwil ou fè tròp efò pou w' ta konpare w' ak ti nivo sa yo... more »

Sandy you almost had me fouled?

First of all Sandy you are not my spoke person. you can't talk on my behalf. you can't... more »

HI blondedy

My name is jean I want to be your friend that's all I want about more »

all for you to read

hey, how you doing? it's been so long i have never heard of's the movie going... more »

You are one of those crazy haitian

what makes you think she has the right to say the movie sucks and I don't have the right... more »

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