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There's no Comparison Possible

I don't think there is any comparison from my point of view the only way to defeat the... more »

monique plzzz wach this

omg this is that most beautyfull photo i hava seen of you en jimmy louis i am so jealous... more »

About the second edition of Film Fest of Canada

il y a envrions 40 film qui ont participe a ce grand festival mais 12 entre eux se sont... more »

This is a Constructive critic like it or not

hey You my people you have a problem when it comes to critic about the movie. I mention... more »

Let make good Critic.

By fooling yourself people about Se Lavi, your are distroying to viewers capacity. First... more »

yon ti koze

eske nap fe promosyon pou fim nan ou dimwens pou moun ki jwe nan fim nan paske tout pale... more »

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