I have to admit it. Le fils du diable............

G9conceptla - May 31 2007, 7:56 PM

I have to be honest.

I watched the movie and honestly it is scary, I dont care what anybody think.

The actors were well trained and prepared.

However, lots of important details were missing.

Premierement, How can you tell me as a dad, you see your son standing in front of a demon and you don't even try to save him?

instead you rain to your room?

say what?

deuxiemement, youre leaving under the same roof with your mother and she's missing dead in your son's room and you don't know?

How often do you inspect that room?

I would like to congratulate all the make up artist.

Dam you guys did a good job on that demon.

I got so scared after I saw the movie, I couldnt go inside my closet for two days. It takes a lot to scared me like that but you did. So Good Job to you all. Again to the mother, you are soooo soooo sexy dam.

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