someone needs to tell you the truth

Natasha - May 14 2007, 2:33 AM

that movie temptation, you copied from that movie with martin and boby brown.

a thin line between love something like that .that thing is so long with scenes that doesn't belong.

the cast is bad not one good actor .now where did you learn how to make an explosion like that what's with the lightning at a bright sky like that. a retarted person could have done a better job. that lady why is she the man caracter.

is it because she's your wife?

because she's to ugly to be doing movies .that crap was very bad you should listen to other people feedback not only your friends.

that doesn't even know about movies.

before you put some crap like that out. oh my god you people are ridiculous holy crap. what school did you go to in haiti, im sorry did you even go to school at all. i know you just trying to make a fast $50 .we living in america don't you people watch real movie.

learn from them. now you got a crap call natalie that was suppose to come out since 2006. whatever happen with this crap, i bet your wife is the main caracter of that silly crap. why don't you people go to school to learn something or go get a job at mc donald.

if you dare to put that ugly lady your wife in front of the cameras one more time, both of yall need to be locked up that sh--t is just not
funny now that's the truth.

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Samuel Vincent

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