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Pj Production - April 28 2007, 8:30 PM

I just want to drop you a note to comgrat you, I think you guys doing a great job.
I just want to let you know that, if you looking for an editor and someone with great knowlege of productions, you can give me a call. I just graduated from NEIT in RI, with a BA in film, photographer and tv productions.

I Work on professionally designed projects including:
Multi-camera location shooting
Multi-track studio recording and mixing
Graphic Design and production
Pre and Post production techniques with Virtual Studio Production
Remote location audio and video production
Learn software programs, such as:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe AfterEffects
Pro Tools
Microsoft Office
Final Cut Pro
Avid Xpress DV
Learn field shooting, lighting, studio production, scriptwriting, sales and promotion.

Expanded specialized skill training in corporate media, video conferencing, and advertising.

Job Titles

Camera Person
Satellite Tech
Interactive Media Producer
Director of Audio
Lighting Director
Media Service Coordinator
Operations Manager
Educational Media Coordinator
Advertising Account Executive
Production Assistant
Programming Assistant
Sound Studio Assistant

See the related photo:

La Femme De Mon Ami

Still Photograph from Haitian movie La Femme De Mon Ami

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Send me a direct e-mail at rdelerme at mac.com Sorry...

Hi, where can I find the movie lla femme de mon ami.

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