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Gasonkolokint says...

kibe la hubermann, wap byen fel la, keep up the good work more »

Irlaine says...

Hubermann, Yo di w non ou di wi! Hubermann, Koman w ye? Mwen konte le fe ke mwen we w-ap... more »

E J says...

Not well produce. Need people with good talent, need well train camera man and producers more »

Steve says...

mwen dako ak ou 100% gin grimas moun sa yo ap fe mwen mande eske se gran pere yo yo bay... more »

Mylourhah says...

I would like for this film producer whatever they want to call themselves to stop... more »

Tyrone C. Richet says...

that movie gran'n mia was so ghetto. i can understand that we're trying hard as haitians... more »