Haitian movies for rent?

Redlaw - December 17 2006, 11:41 PM

Recently I performed a search for haitian movies on netflix using my account and I came up with nothing.

I wrote netflix an e-mail asking why they don't carry any haitian movies since they have a foreign movie section.

The response I got was that there is no distributors offering haitian movies.

Ladies and gentlemen please help me spread the word to anyone involve in the haitian movie industry that there are a lot of haitians in the east coast that love watching haitian movies and would like more avenues in getting their hands on them. To all haitian movie distributors out there please provide netflix and blockbuster online with your movies so people like me can rent or buy. Let me know what you think of this idea my people.

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Touchine says...

Hi, i believe that this gentleman is right, it's time for us to spread our talents... more »