looking forward to work with you Natalie

Dina - December 14 2006, 12:49 PM

HEllo my name is Dina 5'10 i weight 135lbs.

to just tell you a little bit of me, i'm a model i have been modeling for the past 8 years, and right now i'm not working on the modeling field, i am actually waitting on Elle magazine to write me for my third interview.

however i'm hiatian i always want to be in a hiatian movy, my friend Bernado Moises play in two movies but they tokk place in haiti i couldn't make it. therefore if i'm not too late please e-mail me back at godandhisangel [at] aol.com and you get check my modeling website at dinaambeau [at] exploretalent.com thank you phone number is 954-554-8376

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