How are you doing?

Dina Ambeau - December 14 2006, 12:32 PM

hey whats going on?

my name is, Dina i do love your movies there are very nice man very nice funny and everything.

j'adore tes films c'est bien developee.

je ne sais pas trau de francais mais je m'ais deboulle un ti peut lol. anyway back too english, yes i od love youe movies lol you should make some more, and i'm good actress also if you ever need extra, or people to play ok. i want to know do you know any one with the name Bernaldo Etienne his an hiatain, c'est bien mon petite amie my e-mail godandhisangel [at]

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Mora Junior Etienne

Actor, Affaires Internes (2003)

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