Pluie d'Espoir Producer Will Make First $1 From DVD sales Nov...

Vitafacile Images - November 20 2013, 6:59 AM

Pluie d'Espoir Producer Will Make First $1 From DVD sales Nov 24th 2013

Pluie d'Espoir Complete Version Director Edition DVD Release

The producer of Pluie d'Espoir is pleased to announce that the much anticipated DVD of the film is set to be released on Sunday November 24th 2013 at the Motion Picture Association of Haiti Movie Award Subsequently, there will be a DVD release event held in Haiti at Hotel Royal Oasis on November 28th and New York on December 7th
Pluie d'Espoir has never been officially released.

In 2005, an unfinished pirated version of the film made its way to the black market.

Despite missing 12 key pivotal scenes, the pirated version of the film has been acclaimed as one of the best Haitian films ever made.

DVDs purchased online at will be shipped starting Monday November 25th. Due to piracy at wholesale and store level, only few pre-vetted stores as disclosed on the Pluie d'Espoir website will have authentic copies.

Each copies are hand signed, numbered 1-10,000 and have a 4 page insert booklet.

The DVD will be 35mm crystal clear, equipped with surround sound plus an hour long behind the scene bonus documentary.

Lastly, each DVD will have a unique serial number inside the case where the buyer would text the serial number found inside the case to 803-605-4444.

Within 50 seconds, the buyer will receive a message indicating if the DVD is good or not.

To date, the Pluie d'Espoir project cost amounted to $548K.

According to Visually Sound Films CEO Jacques Roc, hundreds of actors, actresses and technicians are awaiting for the successful release of this DVD in Haiti.

Through numerous film projects in the pipeline awaiting funding from the proceeds of this sale, hundreds in Haiti are expected to obtain a good paying job and a career in the filmmaking industry.

People are encouraged to purchase multiple copies to share with co-workers, family and friends.

Pluie d'Espoir DVD is the very best Christmas gift that will be available on the market this season.

For more information visit or dial **HTDVD (**48383) on your Cellular Phone

Visually Sound Films is a motion picture and sound production company engaged in providing premium entertainment solution in North America.

Vitafacile Images is an entertainment solution company that provides consulting and technology services for filmmakers in the Independent Movie Industry.

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