Les Couleurs de la Dignite

Chacha - November 9 2006, 11:59 AM

Les Couleurs de La Dignite, can someone explain that in this movie please?

Les Couleurs de la Dignite is another film by Vladimir Thelisma, Starring Blondedy Ferdinand, Jacques Maurice, Caelle Jean-Baptiste and Paul Henri Athis.

The movie is about a young Philosoph who left Endehor, after his mother died to possibly continue his education, and find himself working for this wealthy family (Jaques Maurice and Caelle Jean-Baptise) with a daughter who is falling for him(Blondedy Ferdinand).

His trying to resist because he know her family would never let them be together, butttttttttt.

I like it because Paul Henri Athis did an awesome job, so did Blondedy.

They both brought the characters out, They did their thing, but you know it cant all be good, there were some ploblem with the voice over some where in the middle when Blondedy was talking to her friends about Athis.

it was missing some stuff.

I wanted to see emotions you know what i mean. I wanted to feel the movie.

The end of the movie, you don't end a movie like that, Athis and his friends are talking and out of the blue THE END.

Paul Henri did a good job.I've never seen his actin before, i hope he continue, he have alot of Potential and can go really far so does Blondedy Ferdinand.

Producers, Directors, actors, watch the movies more than once to catch things that are not suppose to be there, watch the sript alot of time the actors said things that don't go with what they said in a previous scene, for example the actors said their been dating for 4 months, on an other scenes they say 1 month, people catch these things, things like that throw people off

There's more thats all i'm going to say right now.

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Chris says...

Pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas le cinema, ils peuvent dire que c'est un tres bon film... more »

Nephie says...

oooooooooooooooMG i felt the same way about the end of the movie i hated it i wanted... more »

Anne Noel says...

You bicth you can t do better try to criticize haitian movie like that you helpless do... more »