Big up to Reginald

Nooshy - September 28 2006, 10:48 PM

Wuz up

You have no idea who i am, i too have no idea who u really are except from the fact that i enjoy watching you sing. what i simply Know is that i would like to meet ur acquaintance.

Please don't think that i'm one of the crazy females on the net trying to get at you. If u most know i was looking for a song for my Mommy title "Haiti Cheri" and i stumble on your movie and i told my sister i must see it, then she told me if u like him hit him up. a little bit about myself: I am 23yrs old, and i just got back from Iraq 10days ago. I have been in the Army going on 3yrs.

I just think your voice is outstanding, and i must say u got potential to be something great in this crazy world of ours. hypothetically speaking.

If you decide to not respond to my little message it's okay i still think your voice is to die for and last but not least best wishes in all your endeavors.

Holla at me.

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Reginald Cange

Actor, I Love You Anne (2003)

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