R u guys serious? cant y'all see that something is actually...

Lala - December 1 2010, 5:56 PM

R u guys serious?

cant y'all see that something is actually wrong with him?

This guy have been living with his mother for over 30 years, if he was himself, he would have done it a longtime ago. Someone is speaking none sense like that, and y'all think, he's ok. All we have to do is pray for him and the family.

THE DEVIL IS ALIVE and when he said god, he meant his god. the devil's worshipers, they call him god, so y'all know. u dont know how long he has been sick. According to his family, he's a good person and they will support him through his recovery.

Dont get me wrong, killing ur mother is the worst crime anybody can commit and he will pay for it, but at the same time killing him wont bring the mother back. For all of you, who have kids pay attention to them and pray with them. ps. the devil is not only in Haiti, so because ou rete nan diaspora sa pa vle di ke satan pa la.

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