Ok, youknow what, i read these comments, and god help you...

Someone - November 28 2010, 12:13 AM

ok, youknow what, i read these comments, and god help you all..

o i knew him, o i knew this that and the third,..shut the hell up..

you never know what anyone in this world is capable of, were you with him every step he took?

everywhere he went..if that was the case, god rest his momssoul shed be alive now wouldnt she..

he wasnt the type?

if he wasntl..why the hell did he do it then?

he was obviously a phychotic..

do you people not kno he was an actor?

he couldabeen playing you for all those years and waited for the moment..

i mean, did you read the article.

they have a full conffesion from the man, and they obviously state that he showed no emotion, demons devils god..

i dont get into the whole religion thing so deeply for the fact that people try to use it as anexcuse.

thats y i choose to be agnostic..

listen, he murdered his mother..

in the real world and in religion murder is a sin and he should be judged by the state and he will be judged by god for all u religous nuts..no offence..

dont try and protect a man that has killed another..

and his mother was crying for help..this entire article disgusts me, and for all u tryin to avert the attention from this man, he MURDERER HIS MOTHER, you idiots!

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