His mother, yanick marcel went to Immaculee Conception School...

Marie Ange - November 26 2010, 7:29 PM

His mother, yanick marcel went to Immaculee Conception School in
Port au Prince, Haiti.

She was pretty if not the prettiest in the

I remember her as it was yesterday.

The school principal
now deceased, Melle Fernande Laurenceau beyond her grave is praying for her pupil and have her in custody for the Holy Immaculate Conception.

She knew me well but my friend who is much
older, Rosemonde was her friend and God I was vain I wanted to be
her friend because she was popular and so beautiful.

This is a tragedy.

I was horrified when Rosemonde confirmed her
identity as i was not used to the married last name Brea. I only
her as being Yanick Marcel.

We do have free will. God was there
but Michael could not have noticed it. One day, when he is ready he will. In due time and due process.

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