It is very sad, because we do not have many successful stories...

Josy - November 24 2010, 5:02 PM

It is very sad, because we do not have many successful stories in our communities overseas and a lot of young men are in US prisons.

Our youths are dropping out of school, and we have lost entire generations.

He is cooked, and done. We need big brothers, and big sisters in our communities to guide our youngs in the right path. You do not have to go to College, but can learn a profession and make a great living.

You must stay in school, and graduate H.S. There are a lot of vocational schools in the USA, and you are eligible for financial assistance.

You can become a plumber, electrician, LPN, and make good money.

It is not cool to smoke pot, and it is a gateway to other drugs.

The ones who graduated from College, and stayed out of the legal system need to become volunteers.

You should put your children in after school activities, or with a reliable babysitter and must never live them alone in the home. It is the worst thing you can do for your kids, and latchkey children get in trouble or become delinquents.

You are working two jobs to buy the latest furnitures, clothes, cars, and expensive sneakers for your kids. You should use the money for their education, and pay someone to watch them after school.

You can barter with other moms, and you can babysit each other's children without any cash exchanging hands.

The parents need to pray, and bless their children daily.

Haitian parents watch your big mouths, and I know you don't mean no harms but your words are weapons.

You need to stop telling your children that they are no good, and will never amount to anything.

You should praise them when they do the right thing, and stop putting them down constantly.

You also need to stop comparing your kids with others, and we all have our special talents.

The children become discourage, and give up on life at a very early age. You must tell your kids everyday how much you love them, and if you do not a stranger will do it for you. Dads tell your daughters they are pretty every day, hug, and tell them you love them. You do not want them to confuse sex, and love. The guys will take advantage of your daughters, and you are the first men in their lives.

Haitian parents are cold, and distant.

I understand your parents never hug, and tell you "I love you" but you can break the cycle.

It has to do with slavery, and they did not know any better.

HAPPY THANKSGIVINGS, and please hug your children daily.

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