What a good idea!!! I come to know about a new update...

Haiti Pride - October 26 2010, 1:41 PM

What a good idea !!!
I come to know about a new update.

obviously you done a good job sharing these, i in fact am in need of such info a site.
Anyways wanna tell you something about Haiti...

As i'm concern about my Haiti.

After an Heavy natural disaster It's become back dated.

And bearing unmeasurable sufferings.

Still now it's facing crisis from all sides, created from the Earth Quake as well as by nature.

But It's time to change the day, So request all of you to come forward to make tha days ahead distinctly.

I think at this moment HAITI really needs help to be rebuild.

Outgoing Haitian President René Préval has set the presidential elections for Nov. 28, 2010.
According to ma justification,
Charls Henry Baker should be under consideration as a deserving personality,
who can supply the best support and leadership
Thank you.

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