hi ladies and gentlemen I have good news 4 you

Marie - August 30 2010, 6:15 PM

I want to say hello to all my haitian beauty queens out in New York, Miami, Boston, New Jersey, Chicago and over the world.

my name is Marie I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant.

I recently got laid off from my job as an accountant, a Spanish man replaced me. I got laid off because I could not speak Spanish, so they decided to let me go and fill my spot with a spanish man. they told me it is lay off, i call it "FIRED" because it's been over a year never got a call from them. when I call them was told no openning for me. so I decided to open my home business.

I am a Haitian woman who wants to make a living and wants to make people feel good so I chose Mary Kay Cosmetic Line. I know my Haitian women love to look good and i have exiting news for you. I will give you all discounts if you order from me. I sell face powder, all shades from light to deep dark. i sell lipstick, lip gloss, eye liner, lip liner, mascara black, dark brown, perfum, cleanser, face cream, liquid foundation all color from light to deep dark. You name it, I have it. Not only women who order from me. the last order i deliverd to a man. I asked him if it is for his wife, he said no, "you don't think men wear makeup too" okay bro! now if you men want to order from me for your wife, sisters, aunt, mother, or girlfriend, please order from me. Also I know alot of women are getting married this year. they want to look beautiful on their wedding day, please ladies order from me i will give you discount plus FREE SHIPPING.

email me with your order at mlr1206illinois at yahoo.com thank you all very much. by the way congratulations to Michelle Judith Jeudi who recently got married and the lovely Blondedy Ferdinand who got married too. good luck to the both of you

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