Wowww slow you roll there eskimo. Like I mentioned, I am not...

G9conceptla - April 27 2010, 8:28 PM

Wowww slow you roll there eskimo.

Like I mentioned, I am not starting any rumor and I made it clear to everyone especially misunderstood readers like yourself.

All I did was sharing informations that I heard and made it in such a way not to disrespect nor critisized anyone.

For some reasons, you seem to take that on a personnal level and make it your own. Keep in mind, rather he likes women or not, rather he was bi or not remained his own problem not mine. As far as I am concern I dont care a bit about his life choice.

One thing that I do know, you see this woman in this picture; he can jump up all the ropes to get her he will never and that is a fact that I do know of. So be it, it. Some of you Miseducated haitian fellows have tendencies not to analyze before juging, I'm not here to make any negative critics.

I'm here to pass a message and that's all.

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Anyway, if this is a rumor that Doctor Moise is a gay...

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