Do you know who you are, Mr. Roc?...give up? got me in a...

De Matteis - January 3 2010, 11:06 AM

Do you know who you are, Mr. Roc?...give up? got me in a vendetta kinda mood...

You tell your eager fans that it's gonna be a while...I understand you were once a damn good guitar player who wrote catchy 3-note tunes while avoiding the dead-end path to mini-jazz and sleepless nights as it were ...well, now we're going to have a lil' Q & A, which may well end up in a "show-n-tell".

As embarrassing as this is going to be, you can always take comfort in the fact that you brought this onto yourself.

So, let's be clear and hopefully put to rest this issue of "names" once and for all, and at the risk of sounding redundant, for your sake please make your answers genuine.

With lots of time on my hands these days, I read...

I find reading fascinating...You may or may not know this, but Haiti was colonized by the see long ago things thusly unfolded...and now it's history...if you don't believe me, look it up...

"come again?"...

you mutter...sorry if I broke your concentration...but no role reversal here, I ask the questions...and respectfully reserve the right to provide some answers...

1.Your mother, is Jeanne Dupoux (daughter of Joseph Dupoux).

Your father, is George Roc (son of Victor Roc) so you are not, yet are, from Carrefour Feuilles, mon know what I mean...and if you're thinking of spinning your retort ...I implore you, do not go down that road.

2. You, are from the privileged class in Haiti and that's irrevocable (with or without money, with or without your relationship with Ti Michel and whether or not you grew up in Petion Ville).

..please do not you take us for fools, I've talked to your neighbors.

Right around now, you ask yourself: "Is this real or is this Memorex?"...relax...

this is as real as it's gonna get; and it may never get this real again.

3. Your siblings, have married Duval, Derenoncourt, Pratt ...all prominent names in Haiti...if it's written and it's a tell me, am I lying?

4. You, have a curious association with Sajous dating back to the 60s in Miragoane - a coastal town whose history is meshed with that of Sajous' forebearers.

He's in your film (belfim by the way).

..I'm not sure how much he's told you...

in case, after a lifetime, you're still in the dark about him, allow me to shed some light.

He's essentially an elitist with the standard trimmings: Petion-Ville, St. Louis de Gonzage, Union School, Tennis, these days he carefully prefixes his name with a lone character: much like J. Paul Getty, F Scott Fitzgerald...very bourgeois, this style).

Of all those in the movie he's the only one who prefixes his name with an initial.

Oh I see, he's a loose affiliate who simply works for you occasionally, in a "theatric capacity", i.e., when a dose of morality is needed ...that statement won't hold here...and that YouTube commentary of his on Pluie D'Espoir - once again I call on you ...

how condescending is that?

5. In the 70s (while on sabbatical, I suppose, from your true calling - philanthropy) you tucked your pants in your boots, kept your hair shoulder length (a la SuperFly or Rene Descartes) and drove around Manhattan in a Lincoln Continental or El Dorado, you tell us which - the color escapes me at the moment but it was the Baton Moise of the time...all that was missing is interior wall-to-wall carpeting (so somewhat short of Fly...and certainly distant of Descartes). I correct? me out on the color.

I am talking about a massacre Mr. Roc, of your cultural roots.

And, what started as an "adagio" in narcissism, stepped up the pace to a "presto" towards cultural crisis which today culminates into a "crescendo" of total identity crisis (heck, let's just call it what is it, a symphony!): indeed a common trait in the gifted artist.

I for one can't believe that you, have the nerve, to tell people to "keep to their culture."

"What's going on here?" ask...

Understandably, the theft of your film and its subsequent bootlegging messed you all up. It must have. It ain't no kinda hurts, pain shoots through your brain and morphs into disappointment.

Five years since, with no end in sight for your promises and promises of a final version - and today if someone were to hint that you ought to "move on" become all indignant.

Let's bring it home (no worries, I'm not referring to financial obligations).

You may take a deep breath and exhale see Mr. Roc, what we have here is a little game of hide and hide while you seek the names of those who disagree with you about a movie that you no longer fully own...confidently calling them out from behind curtains; while from behind your curtain you feel in control, putting on airs of compassion and of being an "open book"...when you haven't really opened the book at all....have you "El Director"?

...nobody from your social class ever admits to being from Carrefour Feuilles.

Yet, you do it, because of this game of "hide-n-seek" you insist on playing - a risky game anyway but especially so, nowadays.

YOU! now must come out from behind curtains and tell us how many of the 400 times you went to Haiti in 40 years were for feeding the poor something more than TV ads and a catchy tune. Just give us a number...anything other than 12.

Please refrain from answering this by "politesse" and from accusing me of being a pirate of your film (let's face it, not everyone who critiques your movie and reveals some facts is a pirate; that would make you the only non-pirate).

I am very capable of handling my affairs within the bounds of the law. I assure you that I don't have 12 missing pieces in my art collection.

While I'm a collector of West Indian Art, I'm certainly not in possession of the 12 missing scenes.

Only you can provide us that. And I agree with you, names can be pirated too...does it strike you as bizarre that you have chosen the title of your new movie to be [Children Without a God]...when in 1986 a movie was released entitled [Children of a Lesser God]?...coincidence?, it doesn't pass the smell test El Director, time to change that title or you'll face a new round of questions.

A little more respect for your public would suit you. Matteis

Wow ! I haven't been this polite since 1994 in Rio.

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