Sajous: Finally you have emerged!!! And finally, I at last can...

Ronald - September 29 2009, 11:02 PM

Finally you have emerged !!!
And finally, I at last can no longer keep to the sidelines of the blog medium.

Thank you sir, for the fresh and candid account of your involvement in Pluie d'Espoir.

The first time my wife and I saw Pluie D'espoir, we both saw your imprint all over the movie.

The second and third time only served to deepen our conviction, though we had no way of confirming it. By all accounts, you were not credited for any contribution beyond "Philippe".

We saw, heard and read your compassion in every scene.

The man who aptly pointed out the "scars of treason" in "Protestation", "Liberte", "La Traversee", "Proveb Ce Loi" to name but a few can choose to be quiet and unassuming and leave or usher others to center stage.

It was risky to speak out when you spoke eloquently, and we all heard the rare voice of a young man in the 1970s, lamenting the plight of those "back home".

Unrelenting, you remained fixated on raising the consciousness of the Haitian artist (..."la prostitution de l'art", "fardeau de la condition") and you labored tirelessly to bring our people, at home and abroad, to the forefront of the international consciousness.

Today, proudly, Wyclef Jean drapes himself in the Haitian flag however you reminded us we had a flag, a flag that has nothing to do with a pintade.

Sir you need not explain why you were silent and remained private because indisputably, you earned that right for when the chips are down, when it really matters, you are there for us.

To anyone who has followed your career, as I have, it is painfully obvious you played a very important part in enriching "Pluie d'Espoir" with socio-political layers, artistic dimensions: thereby augmenting the minor chord.

May I say with all due respect to all who participated, delivered their best, worked late into the night and yes, even to those criminal pirates, that the poet, the revolutionary, the true visionary is undeniably you.

I wish I were a writer for I would write at length about your contributions to the canvass and our tapestry.

Salut and go forth,

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